Scarborough Downs Ends Horse Racing

Scarborough Downs Ends Horse Racing

Its history is not enough to save horse racing in Scarborough Downs. In the latest news on horse racing, we bring sad news on the closing down of the popular course in Maine. Following 70 years, live pony dashing will end this year at the Scarborough Downs course in Maine. The last saddle race is booked for Nov. 28, the Portland Press Herald covered Thursday.

“We’ll be shutting the season in seven days,” race commentator and marketing expert Mike Sweeney told the paper. “As a matter of fact, we’ll be finishing off the 70-year history of Scarborough Downs.”

The track opened in 1950 and had been in decay for quite a long time, in the end shutting its grandstands due to dilapidation, the paper announced. And with many other racing options that are available elsewhere, the venue continues its stagnancy. Nowadays, while people still prefer to watch races in person, there are a lot of options online- from all across the world, that they can view from their very own homes.

In 2018, a designer purchased the race track alongside the territory around it for $6.7 million with plans to fabricate lodging and different turns of events.

By far most of the track’s income comes from simulcast wagering, which will proceed through the year’s end, the paper detailed. Sweeney said Scarborough Downs is applying for an off course wagering permit for 2021 preceding the Maine Harness Racing Commission on Friday.

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