Jamal Adams Has No Hard Feelings Against New York Jets

Jamal Adams Has No Hard Feelings Against New York Jets

Jamal Adams is happy with Seattle Seahawks. His current team has an 8-4 record. However, Adams has no hard feelings against his former team, the New York Jets. The two teams are set to meet on Sunday.

The Jets traded Adams to the Seahawks in July. At that time, he criticized coach Adam Gase. It looked like he already moved on. Adams told NFL news reporters that he would shake Gase’s hand if the latter approach him on Sunday.

Adams added that he doesn’t hate his former coach. Also, he doesn’t have any problem with him. He just felt that Gase didn’t handle some situations well as the head coach. However, it was just his opinion, and Adams said that everyone was entitled to have one.

Adams Has No Hard Feelings

Jamal Adams Has No Hard Feelings Against New York JetsAccording to bookie PPH sources, Adams respects his former teammates, including QB Sam Darnold. However, he was unhappy with the lack of movement when the Jets traded him away to Seattle.

At present, the Seahawks will start discussions towards an extension of Adams’ deal during the offseason. He felt that Seattle values him more than New York. Also, he is happy with where he is today.

Seattle coach Pete Carroll spoke with Adams and Brandon Shell about the game on Sunday. He usually talks to players when they face their former teams. The coach described both players as being in the right place and levelheaded about their situation.

Shell signed with the Seahawks in March. He is enjoying a strong season until he suffered an ankle sprain. However, he is expected to play on Sunday after missing the previous two games.

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