FIVB Asks POC to Oversee Philippine Volleyball Association Elections

FIVB Asks POC to Oversee Philippine Volleyball Association Elections

The Philippine Olympic Committee (POC)- upon demand from the International Volleyball Federation-will oversee decisions for the public games relationship for volleyball in the not so distant future.

POC President Rep. Abraham “Bambol” Tolentino said the POC will be active in the constituent cycle that is set either in the third or fourth seven day stretch of this current month.

The FIVB, through its Director General Fabio Azevedo, composed Tolentino for the second time last December 7 to emphasize the global organization’s craving for Philippine volleyball to hold races. The FIVB initially composed Tolentino in August a year ago.

According to volleyball betting reports, neither the Larong Volleyball sa Pilipinas Inc. nor the Philippine Volleyball Federation is perceived by the FIVB.

FIVB Asks POC to Oversee Elections

The FIVB, Azevedo advanced in his December letter, needed a Philippine volleyball body to be shaped before its World Congress that will be arranged online from February 5 to 7.

“We might likewise want to accept this open door to sympathetically request that you plan a date at the earliest opportunity for these vote based decisions with the investment of every single applicable partner,” composed Azevedo, who additionally saluted Tolentino for his political race as POC head.

“The FIVB needed to perceive a genuine volleyball NSA before its reality congress. It’s pressing. Consequently, we will request that all volleyball partners collaborate and take an interest in the decisions,” said Tolentino after the POC Executive Board held its first gathering for 2021 at the East Ocean Garden Restaurant in Pasay City.

Tolentino said an advisory group will be made to direct the volleyball NSA races.

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