Midway Poker Tour Founder Plays Event After Ghosting Players

Midway Poker Tour Founder Plays Event After Ghosting Players

In October, the first and unquestionably last Midway Poker Tour occasion was defaced by a silver payout contention that has left twelve players shorted on their publicized payouts by a joined $55,060. Visit originator Dan Bekavac, who the day after the failure swore to make players entire, accordingly ghosted players and vanished – until this end of the week.

Without offering players or the local area such an update in a quarter of a year, Bekavac reemerged at the MSPT Grand Falls as a major part in the $1,100 Main Event.

In this way, while players like Renato Spahiu, who won the Midway Poker Tour occasion, and second place Satoshi Tanaka were shorted $16,038 and $10,974 individually, Bekavac was occupied with going after six-figures in prize cash.

Halfway Poker Tour Founder Plays Event

According to online gambling reports, Spahiu affirmed he has not been made entire and hasn’t got with Bekavac or some other Midway delegate since October. While he might want to be made entire, Spahiu expressed that it’s probably never to occur.

Bekavac’s mission at a third MSPT title turned out poorly however as he terminated on both Day 1a and 1b without progressing to Sunday’s Day 2.

Since the Midway Poker Tour, which has been called poker’s adaptation of the Fyre Festival, went down on fire, unflattering insights about Bekavac and his transactions have become exposed.

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