NCAA March Madness Contingencies

NCAA March Madness Contingencies

The NCAA tournament has been questioned multiple times by many in the sports world. Even in the Sports Interaction, many are wondering what will happen to the championship season of NCAA basketball should teams have players who will get COVID-19. Should a team have its safety compromised, they will not be able to compete in the finals. Here are the March Madness contingencies set by the NCAA.

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NCAA March Madness Contingencies

NCAA March Madness ContingenciesAccording to the NCAA, once the bracket for both the Men’s and Women’s teams are final, they will not be reseeded. The bracket will not change. So whatever happens, Selection Sunday will have the teams in their spots. However, if a team meets the COVID-19 ineligibility, then they will be replaced. This is where your sports betting software comes in. Any change in the bracket or the teams will mean that odds will be changing as we go on. The faster you adjust this in your sportsbook, the less risk you have of sharps taking advantage of your odds. In addition, you will be able to have good opening lines for these changes.

The NCAA will have 4 replacement teams on standby. If replacements are needed before the first round ends, then they will be sent to the tournament. These replacement teams will be ranked from 1 to 4. Rank 1 will be the first to replace any team, and so on. They will also be the 4 highest seeded teams in the NIT. Once the deadline for this lapses, any team that will be unavailable to play will be eliminated, and the opponent will move up in a no-contest.


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