Indiana Online Sports Betting Market Recovers in March

Indiana Online Sports Betting Market Recovers in March

If you are reading bookie tutorials now, then you will most likely see that February is commonly not that good a month for sportsbooks. While it is the month where the single most popular sports game- the Super Bowl happens, there are still fewer days in the month. And with one less weekend, there is less opportunity for people to bet. So, its good to hear that the Indiana online sports betting market recovers well in March.

Indiana has a total sports betting handle of $316.7 million for the month of March. This is 15.6% higher than February’s handle of $273.9 million. And even though the state played host to the 2020 March Madness tournament for basketball, this is not the best month for sports betting in the state. The highest record of Indiana is $348.2 million, back in January.

Indiana Online Sports Betting Market

Indiana Online Sports Betting Market Recovers in MarchIn Indiana, using online software like the Price Per Player betting software is popular among sports bettors. Mobile sports betting, or online sports wagering is the most popular way people placed their bets this month. In fact, mobile betting for the state is at $186.8 million. This is 16.3% higher than February’s $246.6 million. This is around 91% of all of the wagers made in the state for March.

Of course, the use of online gambling software is popular, but is much more in demand now. Due to the pandemic, many bettors are stuck at home. Retail sportsbooks are also not functioning at 100% capacity, so not everyone can just walk in and place bets. But still, Indiana fans were able to place their wagers online, especially with basketball. For the month, basketball has a share of over $160.7 million in bets. This is a good number, even though Purdue lost early on in the championship.

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