Commemorative Son Heung-min Medals for Sale

Commemorative Son Heung-min Medals for Sale

South Korean minting agency is offering limited edition commemorative Son Heung-min medals. It celebrates the Tottenham Hotspur star’s career. Aside from coins, Korea Minting, Security Printing, and ID Card Operating Corp. offers limited edition paper money featuring the football superstar.

KOMSCO is offering both paper money and coin on its website. According to sports betting reports, the agency produced 7,700 units. Also, it represents Son’s number seven jersey. The medals come in 99.9 percent pure silver or gold. Also, they come with a warranty certificate featuring unique serial numbers.

A portion of the proceeds of the sales would fund the country’s youth football development initiatives. Son said that the medal makes him want to work harder as an athlete. Also, he will remember the meaning of the medals.

Commemorative Son Heung-min Medals

Commemorative Son Heung-min Medals for SaleAccording to football and volleyball betting sources, KOMSCO said they want to improve South Korea’s brand by offering high-quality products. Also, they want their products to capture the country’s culture and style.

In 2010, Son Heung-min made his professional soccer debut in the German Bundesliga. Soccer fans said that he is the best football player to come from South Korea. Also, he is the nation’s all-time leading scorer in European football, with more than 150 goals. His most successful season was 2020 to 2021 in the Premier League. He earned 17 goals in 37 appearances. Also, it was his career-high in goals scored in a season.

In other Son Heung-min news, the Korea Tourism Organization made him an honorary ambassador. His responsibility is to promote Korean tourism worldwide. Also, the KTO hopes that Son’s image would attract more tourists to Korea.

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