Agents Are Welcome at Pay Per Head Sites

Agents Are Welcome at Pay Per Head Sites

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PayPerHead Sites Give Agents Full Access

When you typically read about pay per head (PPH) services the content is often geared towards those looking to become bookies, but is there any other way to get into the business?

You know what the hardest task for a bookie is? It’s constantly trying to source players. There are plenty of people that struggle with marketing and would be better-suited in a different role.

Instead of trying to become a bookie, register as an agent you may find being a master agent is more your style.

What Is a Master Agent?

Let’s define the role of a master agent:

  • Master Agent: The role of a master agent is to manage sub-agents. Sub-agents source the active players and support them, but the master agent is essentially the bank.

How Does a Master Agent Make Money?

The master agent is responsible for all of the risks, but the profits can be outstanding. Plus, as a master agent, you’ll never need to deal with sports bettors or source players.

You’ll earn money when your sub-agents players lose.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  1. A master agent has three sub-agents working for them. Those three sub-agents have a total of 30 players. The master agent is responsible for paying out all winnings.
  1. In the first week, the players end up winning $5000 total. The master agent is on the hook and will need to send the winnings to the sub-agents, so the players can get paid.
  1. In the second week, the players end up losing $10,000. The sub-agents will be responsible for collecting the money from the players. They keep their cut and send the rest to you.

The amount your sub-agents keep will be dependent upon the deals you have with them. With some sub-agents, you may pay them 20%, while other sub-agents with bigger player lists may earn 40%.

As long as you’re making a deal that’s profitable long-term, you’ll be fine.

In the example above, if you’re paying 30% to the sub-agents, they’d keep $3000 of the $10,000. The remaining $7000 would be yours to keep. There are risks, but the potential for profits are huge.

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Partnering With a Pay Per Head

The leading pay per head (PPH) providers are compatible with agents. As a master agent, it’ll also be your responsibility to register as an agent at a PPH and handle the weekly cost.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as seeking out sub-agents with players to make money. Since the sub-agent has no risk, they’re going to allow anyone to start wagering.

What happens if the sub-agent gets stiffed? Are you on the hook or will the sub-agent square up with you? What happens if the sub-agent brings in a bunch of sharps or arbitrage bettors?

It’s your job to ensure your sub-agents are bringing in recreational players that’ll make both of you money long-term. You can do this by analyzing the agent reports provided by PPH services.

Master agents can make lots of money, while never having to deal with clients.

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