Make the Betting Line or Bet on the Line?

Make the Betting Line or Bet on the Line?

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Making the Betting Line is not Easy

There is a fine line between betting and taking the bet, on one hand the bettor wants to beat the bookie, on the other hand the bookie wants to beat the bettor and the cycle continues. The question is, who wins in the end? The old saying says “the house always wins”, is this true? Let’s put it like this… If the house always wins, the world would eventually run out of gamblers!

  • If you choose to be a bookie, then you most certainly need gamblers, or you have no business and you start gambling! Ha, confused yet? Here is the bottom line… To win anything as a gambler, one must call it right around 55% of the time. This is close to an impossible feat. The best of the best gamblers out there simply can’t consistently win 55% of the time. So, does the house always win, absolutely NOT!
  • The sports gambling business is marginal, and you must pick your spots as a bookmaker. You need players that keep coming back for more, you need cross action. If you don’t have cross action then you might as well go back to life as a gambler, because without cross action the juice is not doing its job for you.
  • Bookies live off of the juice and cross action – plain and simple. What you must do is focus on how to keep players loyal to you and how to grow your business. You can be earning a six-figure income, however, there is only one path and it’s called an online presence’. You MUST be online. Here is how to get online quickly and affordably.
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The Pay Per Head—

  • The pay per head industry is one that has blossomed over the last few years and has proven itself to be the winning formula to keep local bookies happy and successful. If you want to earn a fantastic income but you hate how the lifestyle of a bookie demands most of your day, then come along for the ride.

First: Let’s clear the air about betting —

  • Gamblers want two things, they want to gamble 24/7, (on their time, not on yours), and they want competitive lines and odds. If you offer then these two “must haves”, then you are well on your way to earning a lifetime client.
  • The only way in which to offer your clients the above, is with an online presence. This is where you must decide what’s best for you. Are you in this business just for fun and whatever happens, that happens and the chips fall where they may, and you deal with it? If so, then the PPH is still a win win. Here is why…
  • Your clients are your word of mouth and no matter what anybody says – at the end of the day, you want to beat your players. Sure, they will beat you from time to time but where do you stand at the end of the day? When all accounts are settled, are you a winner or are you losing money? No bookie wants to be stuck in the red. You got into this business because you were tired of losing.
  • Most bookies become bookies because they were tired of losing money gambling on sports. Now that you are a bookie you must find the most efficient ways of bringing in the profits.

Back to the PPH—

  • The PPH is a software provider to local bookies and they give you an immediate online gaming website. They offer a state-of-the-art sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. It makes betting easy for your clients.
  • The best part… the best PPH providers are now offering to custom-build your gaming website for FREE. This includes everything, including a 24/7 toll free hotline for you and your clients. You will be online in a day or two and it does not matter if you have one client or 4,000 clients.

Now is the time to turn your fate around and start earning what you are worth as a local bookmaker. The best PPH providers charge between $7-$10 per head, per week, per active player. There is NO money down and no deposit to get started, in fact, everything is FREE for the first month and all profits are yours to keep. Pick up the phone and change your life today, call the PPH.

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