A Guide to Beating a Bookie in Soccer Live Betting

A Guide to Beating a Bookie in Soccer Live Betting

Live betting has become more popular with the launch of mobile and online sportsbooks. However, when wagering live, there are more factors to consider compared to when placing pre-game wagers. Here’s a guide to beating a bookie in soccer live betting.

When you bet on basketball or any sports live, you need to do due diligence before the start and during the game. For this guide, we will focus on soccer live betting. Although we can’t promise huge payouts, our goal is to ensure you experience a decent level of stability with live betting.

Our live betting strategy is ideal for players who want to place wagers before the halftime of a soccer match. According to sports chat, you need to pay close attention to the first stage of the game. You’ll get the feel of the flow of the game by the tenth minute. By that time, you can determine whether to wager in the game.

Soccer Live Betting

A Guide to Beating a Bookie in Soccer Live BettingThe number of goals scored varies from one league to another. Thus, there’s no cookie-cutter formula. However, our strategy works best with lower divisions where teams score more goals. Fortunately, bookies also make more mistakes at lower divisions.

Sportsbooks offer different sports betting odds. For example, they can vary by a couple of dozens of percent for the same game. Also, we used several indicators to determine whether the matchup is worth wagering on. For instance, if both squads take five to six shots at the tenth-minute mark, we find its value and use the strategy to wager live on the game.

For that instance, we would wager 0.2 units in Over 2.5 Halftime Bet and 0.3 units in Over 1.5 Halftime Bet. Also, it would be best if you placed both wagers at the same time. Three halftime goals are not rare in the lower divisions. However, it might not be the case in Division 1 games, where teams defend better.

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