What Do Sharp Bettors Look For?

What Do Sharp Bettors Look For?

Reports state that sports gambling revenue in the United States increased by 270 percent in the first quarter of this year. A typical online bookie service dreads signing sharp bettors on its sites.

Many operators believe that it will be tricky for them to make a profit if they have many sharp gamblers. It takes dedication, persistence, and time to grow from being an amateur to a betting pro. The following are five things that sharp gamblers look for.

1.     Abrupt Line Moves

The public has a great influence on betting lines. At times, odds compilers don’t believe most sports enthusiasts are correct. This forces them to adjust the line in a specific direction.

Sharp bettors easily detect when the odds are erroneous. They often use this strategy to fade the majority’s opinion.

2.     The Final Score’s Cause

What Do Sharp Bettors Look For?A bettor cannot determine how any game will end. At times, the final score doesn’t matter to many sharp gamblers. Instead, they are concerned about what caused it.

A team can win a game by being dominant, or an opponent can have a weak defensive line. Turnovers can influence the final score, especially if a team is struggling with them in a season.

If a team heavily relies on two talented players, and they sustain serious injuries in a competitive game, they will leave the pitch, and their team might lose the match. Also, the offense can be ineffective and prompt the defense to work harder to score points.

Sharp bettors look at the details on how a particular result occurred. Yet, recreational players assume that a team will score the same points in its next match.

3.     The Gambling Lines

Generally, bookies don’t move their lines at the same rate, and it is difficult to see a sharp bettor wagering on each bookmaker simultaneously. Check any minor change in your sportsbook.

Or, you can use an odds comparison tool to check whether other operators will follow. This will show when a few sharp bettors are active, and you can get value odds if a bookie reacts slowly.

4.     Teasers and Parlays

Normally, sharp bettors don’t use parlays and teasers. But, some situations might cause them to choose these bet options, especially if they don’t involve point spreads rather than moneylines.

Parlays have a lower payout compared to their risk making some bettors have negative expectations about them. You are likely to lose money if you place parlays for long.

For example, in a parlay comprising three teams, each match will have two likely outcomes. Your prediction can be accurate or inaccurate. Besides, the parlay will have eight potential outcomes.

The parlay has only one combination of being correct about the three games and winning it. Thus, the wager should have 7/1 odds for you to break even after a while. Unfortunately, most three-team parlays have 6.5/1 or fewer odds.

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5.     Bet Value

Casual gamblers often focus on who might win a game, and they tend to select strong teams. But, this doesn’t concern sharp players as they think about the line, how it compares with their opinion, the gap between their expectation and the line.

For example, you might not buy a gold coin for $800 if the gold it contains is worth less than $800. But, if a jeweler sells it for $550, you can buy several coins, as you will get more value for them.

The same principle applies to gambling. A sharp bettor can wager on a team with +150 moneyline odds even if it has a 45 percent winning probability.

A sharp bettor is a gambling expert who knows the best teams to back and time to wager. Some gamblers specialize in a particular sport, while others wager on a wide array of sporting events.

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