The Types of Player a Bookie Will Have

The Types of Player a Bookie Will Have

When it comes to running a sportsbook, knowing your players pay a big role. By knowing who they are, or by knowing their betting patterns, it will become easier for you to predict how they will play. You can also easily customize promotions of bonuses as needed. And for those learning how to be a bookie, you also need to know what kinds of players you should be wary of. So today, we’ll share with you the most common types of player a bookie will have in a sportsbook.

Types of Player a Bookie Will Have in a Sportsbook

  • The Types of Player a Bookie Will HaveFor Fun. Recreational Players, also referred to as “the public”, are the most common types of players. These are people who enjoy the thrill of gambling, and may or may not be logical about their wagers. They tend to bet on popular teams, or based on their favorite players, home team, alma mater, or anything. They can affect line movement, especially with high-profile games, so watch out for these types of events.
  • For Money. These are the more professional sports bettors, who come in armed with sports stats, game histories, estimates, and more. They tend to look at the numbers and probabilities so their wagers will be more strategic. We at The Sports Interaction have readers who bet on sports professionally, and stay updated with the latest in sports all the time, especially before a game.
  • For Money, But in a Risky Way (For You). These are who are known in the industry as sharps. The best pay per head bookie can easily tell a sharp from another player, since these players have very strategic skills. The risky part for you, is that they will look for weaknesses in betting lines, and cash in on that. So if you take your time with moving lines, and they see a line with good value, you can lose a lot from them taking those odds.


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