SBG Global Sportsbook Review

SBG Global Sportsbook Review

Our sportsbook reviews section will feature one of the earliest online sportsbooks. Our SBG Global sportsbook review will take a look at an online sportsbook that has been live for over 20 years. Normally, sportsbooks this old tend to rely on their brand recall rather than innovation in terms of attracting customers. On the other hand, there must be a reason why they are still live even after 2 decades in the business, right?

A quick search on their sportsbook gives us a lot of mixed reviews. Some complain about the site looking old, some complain about the payouts. We are also reading feedback about its accessibility if you live in certain countries, such as the US. As having one of the biggest sports betting markets in the world, it does make one question why an online sportsbook as established as SBG Global would still not offer sports betting in the US. Given the mixed reviews, we’re taking a look at the sportsbook ourselves. Fortunately for us, we are made up of an international staff, so while inaccessible in the US, we were still able to try out their sportsbook.

SBG Global Sportsbook Info

  • Inception: 1999
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Platform: DGS
  • Price Per Player: $5
  • Telephone: 1-888-BET-EASY(238-3279)
  • Live Chat: yes
  • email:
  • Website:
  • Current Promo: welcome bonus

SBG Global Sportsbook Features

  • Bonuses: yes
  • Live Betting: yes
  • Prop Bet Generator: No
  • Racebook: Yes
  • Online Casino: Yes
  • Live Streaming: No
  • Poker Room: No
  • App Wagering: No
  • Phone Wagering: No

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SBG Global Sportsbook Review

Much like any sportsbook PPH, we always take a holistic approach with reviews: we look at the aesthetics, the functionality, and the performance of the sportsbook. If at least one of those fail to meet our standards, then they will not get a good recommendation from us. We have pretty high standards with sports betting software because we have seen, and use some of the best sports betting software available, from sportsbooks to pay per head software. 

So, let’s begin with where any sports bettor starts: signup. Their registration process was fast- very much like the service you can find with a fast food service. No complaints here. Depositing money was easy, and they do have a really nice signup bonus. Rollover requirements are lower than other sportsbooks, too. Most older sportsbooks fail at this, and tend to take so much time just to sign up. But, SBG Global has fallen to another trap that old sportsbooks suffer from: they look old. The design is very traditional, and gives us a vintage vibe. But it does not look like the theme they are going for, because other aspects of their sportsbooks do look modern.

The betting options are quite good too- assuming you bet on international markets. They do offer US sports events, but since residents of the US cannot bet, then it makes sense that they have more options for European and other markets.

We do wonder why they still do not offer US sports betting, considering they are one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Other sportsbooks younger than them are already live in the US. Using a VPN does not work as well. So within our own team, only those abroad were able to take a peek at SBG Global.

Many reviews online complain a lot about payouts getting delayed, or not getting payouts at all. This is bothersome for us, so we went low in terms of depositing and playing. Our payout came out within the time frame we expected. However, other sportsbooks give out payouts faster, so we could definitely do better elsewhere without having to worry about being able to get our money.

Should You Use SBG Global?

SBG Global is a safe option if you are looking to wager on international sports. But with many reviews from other people about the payouts, be wary of your money. We did not experience it ourselves, but this is a risk in many sportsbooks. Their site is a bit plain, and more on the outdated side, so we are wondering why their ads and such look so modern, but the interface and design still looks dated.

Lastly, its not available in the US, so you may need to cross to Canada and Mexico to be able to join them, if you are from the US. But it is not totally a loss, because there are so many sportsbooks that are way better than them. Our Sports Interaction reviews can help you find better alternatives when it comes to finding the best sports betting experience.


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