Tagovailoa Will Play in Dolphins vs Bengals Game Despite Injuries

Tagovailoa Will Play in Dolphins vs Bengals Game Despite Injuries

Miami’s quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will play in Dolphins vs Bengals game despite his ankle and back injuries. In addition, WR Jaylen Waddle will also play with his groin injury.

Tagovailoa’s health status has been a hot topic among bookie pay per head operators after the Dolphins’ victory over the Bills in Week 3. The quarterback left the game after a hard hit and struggled to walk. However, he came back and helped the team win.

Miami initially reported Tagovailoa suffered from a head injury. However, the team later announced it was a lower back injury. That’s why his legs wobbled after the collision. Despite the team’s announcement, the National Football League Players Association began investigating how the Dolphins conducted a concussion check for their star quarterback.

Tagovailoa to Start in Dolphins vs Bengals Game

Tagovailoa Will Play in Dolphins vs Bengals Game Despite InjuriesThe best pay per head bookie provider has placed Tagovailoa in the spotlight since the start of the 2022 season. He is trying to become Miami’s long-term franchise QB after an inconsistent professional career start.

According to sportsbook pay per head sources, Tagovailoa completed 71.3 percent of his passes this season for 925 yards. Also, he has two interceptions and eight TDs. He fully utilizes Miami’s offense with Waddle and Tyreek Hill on the outside.

Tagovailoa led Miami to an undefeated start this season. However, they might have a hard time against Cincinnati Bengals. Although the latter has a 1-2 record so far, the line has been moving towards Cincinnati’s way.

The Bengals don’t want to start with a 1-3 record. Thus, their Week 4 game against the Dolphins will be their turning point. It is not looking good for Miami, as the odds are against them. If Tagovailoa’s injuries act up during the game, Teddy Bridgewater needs to bring his A-game to help the Dolphins upset the Bengals and extend their win streak to four.