Los Angeles Clippers Shine in Game Against Sportsbook Favorite Boston Celtics

Los Angeles Clippers Shine in Game Against Sportsbook Favorite Boston Celtics

The Los Angeles Clippers has shown why they can be a truly formidable team in the NBA. They are popular in many per head sportsbook operations since you have high profile players like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Their last game against sportsbook favorites Boston Celtics proves that if their roster can avoid injuries, they can beat even the team with the best record, and the best offense in the league.

The Clippers won 113-93 against the Celtics Monday night. If you regularly use a software sportsbook, then you probably watch the games regularly. And you will have known that this is one of the best performances of the team this season. They forced 15 turnovers, and limited the Celtics’ long-range shooting to just 23%. They also had more rebounds (46-36), and also added to their streak of 100-plus points for each game. Mind you, this is a record that they have had since last season.

Los Angeles Clippers and Their Potential

Los Angeles Clippers Shine in Game Against Sportsbook Favorite Boston CelticsMany were hesitant on the success of the Clippers, since much of the predictions are based on a certain number of players. Kawhi Leonard’s probably holds the biggest weight here, and there is a lot of pressure for him to perform well. He only went back to the court this season, missing out on the previous one. In his half an hour in the court, Leonard scored 25 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists. This is his current season high record.

Leonard missed some time this season with an ankle sprain and knee pain, but it looks like he is returning to peak Kawhi playing. Paul George played well as well, scoring 25 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Aside from Leonard and George, they also have Reggie Jackson, John Wall, and Norman Powell. You also have the likes of Marcus Morris and Ivica Zubac.

And if you look at sports gambling news featuring the Clippers, you will see that if they have a complete roster, they are capable of facing against the strongest teams in the league. Assuming the Clippers’ roster can stay away from injuries, they are more than capable of getting far into the postseason this year.


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