College Basketball Surprises Last Weekend

College Basketball Surprises Last Weekend

A lot of bettors keep track of the latest sports gambling news, especially when it comes to college hoops. And this week, all the talk is about this past weekend’s college basketball surprises. Many have been looking forward to seeing Selection Sunday, but that’s still a while away. In the meantime, fans have been watching regular games each weekend. And some of the games turned out extraordinarily well, and gave us memorable games worthy of the postseason.

Last Sunday’s games had quite a lot of last minute game-winning shots, overtime wins, and a few close calls with just a point or two point lead. A lot of bookies using a sportsbook pay per head software surely earned a lot on those games. For instance, Cincinnati beat UCF 73-71 where David DeJulius  made a game winning shot with just 0.2 seconds left in the clock. The Bearcats had lost road games recently, so the buzzer beater was just what they needed to get back on track.


College Basketball Weekend for the Books

College Basketball Surprises Last WeekendAnother game that got a lot of action in bookie pay per head sportsbooks was the Bradley win over Southern Illinois 50-48. Bradley’s top scorer Rienk Mast was able to rally a 4-point play at 20 seconds left in the game. Mast shot a three pointer and was able to draw a foul. This win gives the Braves a tie with Drake to lead their conference.

Manhattan had quite a day, with five free throws towards the end of the game leading them to win 73-72 over Fairfield. With Fairfield missing their 0.3 second free throws, Manhattan escapes with the win, and could give them a better chance to get a bye in the tournament. There were over half a dozen games that ended with just a point or two in the lead, so bookies made a lot of money with these outcomes.


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