LA Lakers Advance to the NBA In Season Tournament Final

LA Lakers Advance to the NBA In Season Tournament Final

There is no better time to open a sportsbook than now, especially if you want to earn a lot from the inaugural NBA In Season Tournament. Especially since after the games in Las Vegas, the LA Lakers advance to the NBA In Season Tournament Final. Will James LeBron lead the Lakers to victory and be the first team in the league to win the NBA Cup?

The last two games for the tournament were very exciting. First, the Indiana Pacers beat the Milwaukee Bucks. This was followed by the nail-biting game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans. The game was a close one. The Pelicans initially took the lead after a quarter, and scoring very close in the second.

Those into NBA betting have an additional game to bet on this season as the In Season Tournament Final has no bearing in the regular season. Bettors can go through these sportsbook reviews to find the sportsbook with the best betting lines and promos for the game.


Who will the Lakers Face in the First Ever NBA In Season Tournament Final?

LA Lakers Advance to the NBA In Season Tournament FinalThe Lakers will be facing the Indiana Pacers this Saturday as they face off for the title. Both teams have been in a lot of sports news lately, as both teams were rumored to trade Myles Turner and Buddy Hield. And in the regular season so far, their games against each other have a double digit match up. This is going to be one of the most explosive games we will see this year, and we are all looking forward to it.

Many fans initially did not expect the Lakers to get this far into the tournament, after a less than stellar beginning to the season. The Lakers also take the fewest 3-pointers in the league today. However, they are showing us that the stats mean nothing, as they made 17 out of their 35 3 point attempts. LeBron’s shooting has also been improving, and if he scores those three-pointers then the Lakers could win this.

But the Pacers are also a team of young and strong players can outpace and tire out the Lakers. And this could be their ticket into beating one of the top favorite teams in the league, and win the first NBA Cup. And if you want to make money out of this tournament, being a bookie is the more profitable option. These sportsbook pay per head reviews can help you find the best bookie software to prepare you for Saturday’s game.


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